Evelyn Webster from Brazos, Texas was shocked to hear that her sister had stomach cancer. Deborah Bryant, Deborah’s big sister, lost her job and her health insurance as a result of chemotherapy and radiation.

“So therein lies the problem: no insurance, no medication, no money to buy the medication,”Webster stated that KBTX-TV, a CBS affiliate in Bryan/College Station Texas, was Webster.

The family was informed of a free offer. prescription discount cardAvailable through Brazos county, where Webster works at the District Clerk’s Office.

“Without the NACo card, unfortunately, we would not have been able to buy all of [my sister’s] medicines,”She spoke. “The discount card is one of the best things to ever happen in Brazos County.”

CVS Caremark administers The National Association of Counties Prescription Discount Card Program. It is a national program that is completely free for residents of NACo-member countries.

It is easy to use: There are no forms required and anyone can use the cards, regardless of their income or health status.

These cards average 24 percent savings on prescription medication retail costs. Consumers without health insurance can use them. Discounts can be applied to all prescriptions.

The card can be honored at a network of over 60,000 retail pharmacies across the country, which includes major chain pharmacies and the majority of community-based pharmacies.

Bryant is currently in remission, according to her sister. The family has also saved hundreds on her medications.

Visit www.cards-for-use.com for more information or to order a card immediately. www.caremark.com/naco.