As we age, people are becoming older. This does not only mean that there will more people who wish to age gracefully, but it also means that there will likely be more older people. “age at home,”They can remain independent, but some people will need in-home care due to age-related medical problems or surgeries.

Consider this: According to a Census Bureau Report, the number of Americans 65 years and older is expected to nearly double by 2025. By then, they will comprise more than half of the country’s total population.

This means it will be even more crucial to make sure that homes can be retrofitted in order to accommodate these people.

A stairlift might be the best option for you. A stairlift is a good choice for loved ones or home healthcare professionals who need to provide care for someone with disabilities or who has just had surgery.

“Caregivers for disabled persons are … becoming more aware of products to help them,”HomeCare Magazine was interviewed by Jerry Keiderling. He is the president of Accessible Home Improvement of America.

Although there is still a stigma associated with stairlifts from the past, Keiderling stated that technological developments today are centered on aesthetics and electronic components.

“Today’s stairlifts … have a much more pleasing look,”He spoke to the magazine. “They don’t look like the service hoist at the local garage. Longevity is also a key component. Some of these systems are used quite often, and they need to last.”

Experts agree that older people need something discreet and can be stored away when they are not being used.

New designs like those sold by Orlando-based Orlando are different from older models. Acorn StairliftsThe two 12-volt batteries under the seat power the lifts. You can fold the chair and the built-in footrest up, and lifts come with sensors around the perimeter that will stop the lift from being activated.

Although cost is an important consideration, experts agree that the risks of family members injuring themselves while lifting patients far outweigh the cost of a chairlift.

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