Who is the best among the best? The Financial Times and Dalbert Global Development Advisers as well as the United Nations Global Compact posed the same question to non-governmental organizations around the globe. Their July report looked at each company’s execution, transparency, internal and externe communications, adaptability to the surrounding communities, and understanding of corporate sponsors’ goals.

After the final results were in, the Lions Clubs International Foundation won the top spot. This was not only because they had high scores in each category but also because they have expanded their social work and corporate collaboration.

Based on 445 evaluations from companies that have partnered with non-governmental or international agencies, the rankings were established. The study is expected to promote transparency and accountability in the non-profit sector.

This year’s top pick is Lions Clubs International Foundation. It was established in 1968. It is the foundation for the largest international service organization, Lions Clubs International. This group consists of men and women who are committed to making a positive difference in their communities by volunteering and philanthropy. There are over 1.3 million members across 200 countries.

The foundation also addresses social issues such as the elderly, homeless children and children in crisis. The organization also works with youth development and disaster relief. The organization has donated more than $588 million worldwide to social causes.

The Lions Clubs International Foundation has a special role in helping to eradicate preventable blindness. It provides cataract operations, treatment for river blindness, upgraded eyes centers, and training for optometrists.

From long-standing corporate partners like Merck, to newer partners like Essilor the agency forms partnerships that allow for a greater reach of their work.

Other American-based non-governmental agencies included in the top 10 are: TechnoServe, Environmental Defense, WRI and WRI.

Visit www.lionsclubsinternationalfoundation.org for more information on the rankings and other details. www.lcif.org.