Covid-19 enabled us all to spend more time at our homes, reconnecting with simple pleasures.

The new norm was board games, puzzles, and baking bread. Bird watching interest exploded. We were able to get outside, and discovered a world full of amazing, beautiful birds. As backyard birds became more popular, sales of bird feed, feeders and nesting boxes soared.

Over 52 million Americans are already birders and feed them. Research shows that over 80 percent people feed birds to help bring nature and its beauty into their backyards.

The good news is that birds don’t even know we are in the middle of a global pandemic. Instead, they continue to build nests, migrate, and search for food sources. The human world became more quiet, and birds heard it!

Not only is it enjoyable for everyone, but also provides much-needed stress relief. One fascinating University of Exeter study that looked at the impact of nature on people in urban areas found that there was a correlation between lower levels of stress, anxiety, and depression when more birds were seen in a given time period. The benefits of birdwatching are found in the sheer number of birds you see. Our souls are soothed by the quantity, not the quality. Millions of people work from home and this has been a great benefit to their basic joy of feeding their feathered friends.

Bird feeding is a great way to enjoy all the benefits of birding. Birds are just like humans in that they can be selective about what food they eat. The best seed will attract the most birds. Most birds don’t like cheap, filler seeds in commercial feeds. Birds will sort through undesirable mixtures to find the good stuff. “good stuff”• Leave the rest alone

Get high-quality feeds from Cole’s Wild Bird ProductsThese are specially formulated for birds and offer them a selection of natural, organic seed options. Avoid seeds that are coated with chemicals or mineral oil in order to make them more attractive to people. Cole maintains the feed in its natural state. Cole researched the needs of birds and created a line of high quality feed products that will attract them. “hot”Products that squirrels don’t like.

Yes, squirrels are a constant problem for bird feeders. Bird feeder novices soon learned the hard way that squirrels also love bird feed. Squirts are larger and more aggressive than birds, giving them an unfair advantage at feeding.

The majority of birders love squirrels, but they aren’t good for their feeders or the seed they eat. Cole’s is here to help. Cole’s uses the Science of Taste Abversion to offer patented products. “hot and spicy”Cole’s offers exclusive feed options with Habanero chili oil and Safflower oils, such as Cole’s “Hot Meats”And “Hot Meats”Suet cakes are a favorite of birds but a detestable choice for squirrels. Another option: “Blazing Hot Blend”This traditional mixture of highly-desired seeds is enhanced with spicy habanero chilies. It’s designed to attract the most birds.

Consider a solution to get rid of the annoying, bushy-tailed bugs at your feeder. Cole’s Flaming Squirrel Sauce contains only natural, 100% food-grade ingredients. It has a hot and spicy flavor that squirrels don’t like. It’s hot! But birds can’t sense heat, so they enjoy the spicy flavor.

This liquid chili pepper recipe can be added to bird feed to reduce squirrel visits.

Cole’s hot, spicy products are safe, effective, and a humane and natural way to provide food for birds. Cornell University scientists tested this technology and found that it reduced squirrel visits to the feeder.

When we are struggling to navigate through uncertain times, take a look at the birds as a source of joy, solace and stress relief. It won’t be difficult to start feeding birds. You’ll have a bounty of birds to enjoy your backyard if you feed them the right food and keep the squirrels away.

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