Television news programs do not cover all that is happening in the world. Some stories are media hits, but others go unreported. For instance, Americans tend to be more interested in France and Britain than they are Africa.

It can be difficult for non-profit organizations that work to improve the lives and conditions of third-world people to get attention. YouTube, the home to many cute videos of cats and dancing babies, may be a great way for charities to reach millions of potential donors.

YouTube videos provide nonprofits with advantages that other media can’t. Videos have a lot of staying power. Viewers can watch them again and the older videos feel new. YouTube videos can be used by charities to showcase the voices and faces of those they wish to help.

Bread and Water For Africa, for example, is one, recently created YouTube videos focusing on Eldoret, Kenya’s Lewa Children’s Home. The Home offers loving care, nutritious food and clean water as well support for children who are abandoned, neglected, orphaned, or abused.

These videos are about the home’s founder Phyllis Keino. “Mom,”Watch as she feeds the orphans of Kenya. Children’s smiles add a human touch to a cause that helps some of Africa’s 50 million orphans.

Other charities are also making use of social media to get attention. Charity: Water, an organization that provides clean water to African villages, organized its event using Twitter. “Twestival,”A series of 200 charity events were held around the world. The Twestival raised $250,000 to support the charity.

You can find links for YouTube videos about Lewa Children’s Home at The Bread and Water for Africa’s homepage (