The “green”The travel trend is growing in popularity. Lonely Planet surveyed 24,500 people and found that 93 Percent intend to travel more responsibly.

A 2012 TripAdvisor survey also found that 30% of respondents chose a destination because they are environmentally friendly.

Although there are more hotels and resorts that have green certifications than ever before, a sailing vacation aboard the yacht is the most eco-friendly option for eco-conscious travelers. tall ship cruise.

Star Clippers’ fleet features the tallest and largest sailing passenger ships in the world, including Star Clipper (Royal Clipper), Star Clipper and Star Flyer.

“At Star Clippers, we maximize the time we are under wind power so our guests can experience a true tall ship sailing experience,”Captain Farhat Shamim is vice president of operations. “Of course, this also reduces the amount of fuel we consume and therefore is entirely environmentally friendly.”

Shamim claimed that ships in the Caribbean, where winds can be predicted most accurately, operate on wind power upto 60 percent of the times. The engines of the ships are used to power lights, air-conditioning and refrigeration.

Tall ships use high quality, low-sulphur oil. Star Flyer was the original ship to be awarded the International Air Pollution Prevention Certificate. Star Clipper followed suit. Royal Clipper came next.

Because of their size, the ships also have a smaller carbon footprint. Star Clipper ships have fewer passengers than cruise ships with thousands. Star Clipper ships can carry 170 and Star Clipper passengers, respectively, and Royal Clipper holds 227. This reduces water consumption and waste.

Additionally, the ships have an advanced water treatment Bio Reactor system that treats sewage and water from showers and sinks. The treated water is safe enough to be used for deck wash and can be safely discharged onboard.

That’s not the only thing that goes berserk. The engine room’s oily bilge is transferred to shore and all garbage and waste is disposed off ashore.

“We dump nothing in the water,”Shamim.