Grilled cheese is the best combination of cheese and bread. If you consider grilled cheese to be a food group of its own, then you’re in luck!

Subway has introduced Fresh Melts to take grilled cheese sandwiches up a notch. Subway’s latest innovation allows customers to upgrade their freshly made footlongs into a cheesy, gooey, grilled sandwich for just $1.

“Fresh Melts are our latest menu innovation to give guests fresh, smart choices that don’t sacrifice taste or flavor,”According to Chef Paul Fabre (Subway’s senior vice-president of culinary and innovative), “Our Melts are unique because they are grilled, not toasted, so we’re creating the ultimate sandwich that has crunchy bread, melty cheese, and your favorite ingredients for a perfect bite every time,”He insists.

Subway’s new menu items are the latest additions to its culinary offerings.

The Ham & Cheese Melt features Black Forest ham, fresh tomato, and Swiss cheese grilled to create an indulgent, freshly made choice. Tuna Melt is 100 percent wild-caught tuna. It comes with mayo, fresh onions, and melty provolone cheese. Finally, the Steak & Cheese Melt offers a new twist on a classic favorite, grilled with melted cheese, and loaded with fresh onions and peppers. Bread is still a crucial component of sandwiches. Fresh Melts are Subway’s freshly baked bread that is perfectly grilled.

With the promo code BOGO50, guests can get a second Fresh Melt to help melt cheese fans enjoy and share the deliciousness.

Subway’s online and in-app ordering makes it easy to order indulgent food. Subway even offers delivery and curbside pickup without having to call.

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