by John Hansen – Solar energy isn’t new, but like any worthwhile technology, it has been upgraded. Do you picture ugly blocks obstructing your roof’s lines when you think about solar panels? Solar panels today are a sleek and clean source of renewable energy that homeowners are increasingly embracing as a way of saving the planet and lowering their energy bills.

Solar panels could help homeowners save up to 35% in their first year of usage, according Solar Energy Partners. This company is a California-based community-focused one. “We strive to grant homeowners the peace of mind to live their lives without interruption through the power of Earth’s most renewable resource,”According to the company.

Solar energy is an eco-friendly energy source that reduces pollution and water use. It also reduces the dependence on nonrenewable energies, which in turn reduces energy costs for consumers.

Solar Energy Partners (SEP), a team of experts, acts as true partners in helping homeowners reap the benefits green energy. They have a strong commitment to customer service and community involvement. SEP offers a free cost-free analysis to help homeowners understand the benefits of solar energy. They also provide a computer-generated image showing potential customers how their panels will look on their roof. SEP installers are flexible and available at all times. They offer a simple process that is easy to understand for customers. The panels are very durable and require little maintenance. The panels can be mounted on any roof and are capable of producing power for up to 25 to 35 year. SEP experts can work around any southern-facing roof.

SEP’s service-oriented model of business extends to the entire community. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic SEP partnered up with the Salvation Army California South Division to help local families in need. They provided groceries, school supplies, rent assistance, and assistance with utility bills and rent. SEP currently serves communities across California, Colorado, Florida and Texas.

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