Your laundry machine has a significant environmental impact, believe it or not. EnergyStar estimates that washing and drying clothes can use up to 400 loads of water each year. This is a total of 13,500 gallons.

You should also consider the fact conventional laundry detergents may contain phosphates that can damage water ecosystems. Companies have come up with innovative laundry detergents that clean clothes while not causing damage to the environment.

Pak-It, LLC, for example, has created a concentrated laundry detergent that is six times more concentrated than the usual formula. It’s a dye-, fragrance-, and enzyme-free formulation. This detergent is biodegradable, and doesn’t contain chlorine or phosphates. It comes in pre-measured, tiny containers. “toss and go”Dissolvable packets that are far more convenient than pouring or measuring.

Pak-It produces no empty containers. Shipping smaller containers is easier because they can fit more in a truck, plane or truck. Pak-It cleaning packets have been awarded the EPA. “Design for the Environment”Certification is a program that recognizes companies that have achieved the goal of reducing pollution and maintaining a healthy environment.

Even better, laundry detergent actually works. It is tough on dirt and easy on clothes, and leaves no residue. Each packet contains a unique combination of surfactants and stain removers as well as water softeners, brighteners, and odor eliminators.

Pak-It laundry packets work in all washers, at all water temperatures. They can be used on all fabrics.

Pak-It, LLC, a subsidiary JBI, Inc., currently uses its patented Pak-ItTM liquid packets to deliver concentrated cleaner, disinfectant, or other multi-purpose cleaning products.

Visit for more information www.pakit.comOr JBI, Inc. trades OTC under the symbol JBII.