Natural disasters bring out the best of most people when they strike. People are motivated by the desire to help others and give what they need most. They don’t realize that it is better to give cash than to help victims of international disasters.

After the 2005 Asian tsunami, this was also the case. The tsunami survivors were left without help after aid workers received a flood of donations.

Now, earthquake-devastated Haiti finds itself in a similar situation. The cost of shipping items from America can be costly. It also creates headaches for professional relief organizations that have to pack, move, and distribute the donations.

According to Center for International Disaster Information, cash is far more effective. The aid workers are able to direct funds according to the needs of victims. Many aid organizations have been working in Haiti for many decades. Their workers have forged strong ties with Haitian communities, are well-versed in local customs, and can help determine the best supplies.

American dollars also go further in Haiti, which allows organizations to get more bang per buck. Cash donations can help stimulate the local economy, and speed up the rebuilding process. Cash donations can be trusted that cash will go directly to the disaster zone. Donations of other items must be thrown away often for legal reasons.

The relief organizations don’t want Americans to stop giving, but they want to spread awareness that cash is the best.

“Americans can help the most by donating cash to an established relief agency,”Suzanne H. Brooks is the director of CIDI. “Helping the efforts of professional humanitarian relief agencies is the absolute best way to aid the victims in Haiti.”

Visit the CIDI website for more information Visit www.reputable humanitarian relief agencies to view a complete list. The Web site www.charitynavigator.orgThis site provides valuable information to help you make informed decisions about supporting charities.