Although not all things in life are guaranteed, it is likely that you will have to go to hospital and then undergo rehabilitation.

Although hospitals offer many helpful rehabilitation services, most people prefer to heal in their own homes. Home care is not only beneficial for the healing process but can also present its own challenges. It can be difficult for caregivers as well as patients to deal with their fears and anxieties about the future.

The Association of Rehabilitation Nurses (ARN), a nearly 6,000-member organization worldwide, created this website to help. ReSTART RecoveryThis website provides information to people in rehab, including those with head injuries and joint replacements, as well as those who will be taking care of them.

ReSTART Recovery, which is a website that helps patients understand what they will experience on the road to wellness, can be a significant help when you consider recent statistics that show as many as 75,000,000 Americans are affected by some form of disability.

According to ARN the goal is for patients with a disability to be able to live a full, independent life.

“My clients have been through acute rehab and are back in their communities,”Susan Wirt, a former president at ARN, spoke to The American Nurse in an interview. “I figure out how they can be well and healthy despite their chronic conditions,”She spoke.

Rehabilitation nurses are skilled in managing complex health issues, working with other professionals such as speech or occupational therapists, providing education to patients and caregivers, setting goals to maximize independence, and creating care plans that ensure optimal wellness.

“Advocacy is also a huge role for us,”Michelle Camica MSN, CRRN was the former president and CEO of ARN. She spoke to The American Nurse during the same interview. “We serve as the patient’s advocate when addressing issues with other members of the health care team and sometimes with a patient’s own family. We always want to make sure patients are getting the right care in the right place at the right time,”She spoke.

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