()A new survey from Home Instead, Inc., the franchisor of Home Instead Senior Care, has revealed that 53% of workers who are approaching retirement in the next five year believe they will most likely retire. “unretire,”Return to work.

Both those in retirement and those who are already there, the majority of them, do not want to go. “unretired”Nearly 80 per cent of both these groups claim they intend to change or have altered industries.

According to the Home Instead, Inc. survey, money was the most important motivator for retiring people to return to work. However, those who are awaiting retirement were motivated by finding new challenges and satisfaction as the second-most motivators.

Encourage older workers to look for new opportunities “unretirement”Home Instead partnered with RetirementJobs.com for an online career assessment tool. It asks questions about the user’s skills and interests, before recommending a category of job that might suit their needs.

* Caregivers (e.g., personal care aide, child care worker)

* Advisors (e.g., library assistant, tutor, admin assistant, clergy/counselor)

* Networkers (e.g., driver, retail salesperson, tour guide)

* Creatives (e.g., culinary worker, writer, graphic designer)

Some of the most flexible and popular jobs for older workers include sales clerks, bank teller, online tutoring, and caregiving.

You can also visit the Career Assessment Tool to explore other unretirement resources. UnRetireYourself.comGo to www.homeinstead.com/state/.