Many Americans move back to their homes in the off-season when temperatures drop. But, before you go back to the “real world,”Second homeowners should secure their summer residences.

These are some tips to help you plan a long absence from your home.

Protect the furniture. You can bring in outdoor furniture such as hammocks and wicker chairs that will not survive winter. Protect indoor furniture with sheets to keep it clean and prevent fading.

Preparation for winter weather Turn off the heat if your summer home is located in an area that experiences below-freezing temperatures. It should be running at 58° Fahrenheit. This is warm enough to keep plaster from freezing and pipes from freezing. Draining toilets, hot water tanks, and pipes is also an option.

Your electricity could go off while you’re away, which can cause the house to freeze. This could cause your pipes to freeze and eventually break. The problem won’t be noticed until you return.

Protect against flooding from broken pipes and leaks with new products The FloLogic System, one product (www.flologic.comThe FloLogic System monitors the home’s water flow to the main. The FloLogic System is a circuit breaker that shuts off water supply to a home when it senses a change of pressure. This can be caused by a running faucet, flooding appliance, or pinhole leak.

Leakages and broken pipes can be discovered by homeowners before flooding occurs, which helps to protect your home from water damage. FloLogic System homeowners can get lower rates from insurance companies.

– Lock up the house. You can lock up ATVs, canoes and bicycles in a shed or garage, then secure them using a heavy lock. You can move valuables, such as televisions and computers, that you don’t want to keep, out of windows. In case of an electrical surge, unplug all electronic devices, from your washing machine to your toaster, to protect your home. Make sure you lock all windows and doors before you leave.

Ensure your mail arrives at the right address Make sure to change your address with the Post Office and that maintenance bills are sent to your regular address.