Bravo, guys! You saved yourself at least one headache this holiday season by being in love.

For those who are curious, a diamond engagement rings can count as her Hanukkah or Christmas present if you plan on asking The Big Question. “If a guy’s gonna pop the question eventually, he might as well use the opportunity to avoid shopping for a holiday gift and kill two birds with — ahem — one stone,”The Washington Post declared.

This is not a surprise: Although 39 percent of all marriage proposals take place between Thanksgiving Day and Valentine’s Day for most couples, the average man who thinks rationally would rather wait until February to buy his girlfriend a ring that she was expecting in January.

Let’s break down some myths and facts about the entire engagement ring-buying experience. (Alternate plan alert: We have some tips for those who aren’t quite ready to propose or have other people on their holiday shopping lists for diamond jewelry.

MYTH: A ring can cost you two months of your salary.

FACT: It’s only a guideline. Your financial situation, and your girlfriend’s taste, will ultimately dictate.

MYTH: It’s impossible to tell if a diamond was produced. “ethically”Or not.

FACT: This is an important issue for many couples. Diavik mineCanada’s North West Territories is one example of a country that has gone to great lengths in providing proof to buyers that it follows international standards for labor, safety, environmental practices, and health in order to produce the nice-sized diamonds it’s known for.

“Each certified gem is laser-etched with a unique number that indicates the date mined, and each gem’s unique optical fingerprint is recorded in an international database so that it can be positively identified,”An expert in the field says that there are many insurance companies who offer discounted rates for such cases.

MYTH: The majority of women desire a pear-shaped engagement ring with a diamond.

FACT: Round diamonds have the highest popularity.

MYTH: The best way to maximize the effect is to pick the ring by yourself.

FACT: You’ve dodged a bullet here, so it’s not true. If you’re a stag shopping enthusiast, keep your girlfriend’s tips in mind.

Let’s talk about the other tips that we promised for gifting diamond jewelry.

“Classic diamond stud earrings will never go out of fashion,”Michael O’Connor is a style and jewelry expert. “and diamond line bracelets can be worn with any outfit.”