Unless you live in an alternate universe, this is the reaction you should expect when people open your holiday gifts.

With so many options available, including an overwhelming number of online offers, you should be aware that every gift you give is also sending a message to yourself.

Kit Yarrow, a consumer behavior expert, wrote that the right gift is the right one. “can enhance connections between people.”This is a really terrible one

. . We’re all likely to have distanced ourselves from someone who gave us an obviously inappropriate present. “clueless.”

These are the results “wow”Gifts say a lot about you

* I’d rather be safe than sorry. A large, expensive bottle of perfume would delight most women. Be aware: Many others could interpret this an “easy”This New York writer chose the same way as her (ex)boyfriend, after spending weeks searching for the perfect briefcase. “It just seemed like something he picked up at the airport duty-free store.”Ouch.

* My taste is impeccable. Few things telegraph a person’s status like a good watch, and these two beauties from Swiss watchmaker Baume & Mercier (www.baume-et-mercier.comYou can make nearly anyone appear like a roaring success. Women are the new Promesse collectionThis elegant model features a black mother of pearl face with Roman numerals and strategically placed diamonds. It also has a glossy alligator strap with an accent that is thicker than a foreign imperiss.

“It really makes quite a statement,”Lauren Dimet Waters from Second City Style.

The gold is for men Clifton 10058This is the best way to strike the perfect balance between modern and classic. You can shop both watches at the Baume & Mercier e-boutique or by calling 1-800-MERCIER, where free wrapping and free engraving are available. Watch the video at

* I recognize your passions. Although an Italian sports car may seem out of reach for most, there is a cottage industry that offers gift certificates. “experiences”You would like to spend a few hours behind the wheel in exotic cars. Too Le Mans for you? You can also do tandem skydiving or whitewater rafting.

* I’m hipper than you think. Get tickets to a hot concert for your kids if they accuse you. (Hint: Britney is out, Katy Perry is in.

One caveat. If you’re thinking of donating to a charity on behalf of someone, make sure they believe in it as strongly as you do. If you don’t, your message could be unwittingly being sent “It’s All About Me.”