It is more important than ever to promote a healthy immune system.

TheraBreath has launched a new oral spray that you can ingest. It contains a mix of vitamins and minerals to help boost your immunity system and protect you and your family from the flu, colds and other airborne viruses. It is small and easy to transport.

“The immunity spray fills an untapped niche of oral products that provide an overall health benefit,”Dr. Harold Katz is the CEO and founder of the company. He is a dentist who also holds a degree in bacteriology.

“For many years, folks have overlooked the fact that their mouth and throat are the doorways to the rest of their body,”He explains.

“TheraBreath Immunity Support Spray is an easy way for everyone to improve their body’s natural immunity.”

The spray is based in solid science and is intended to be simple and effective in improving oral and overall wellbeing. Simply spray the bottle and enjoy traditional vitamin supplements with Cherry Lemonade flavor.

TheraBreath is free of artificial colors and dyes. It contains only natural Acerola, Elderberry, and other antioxidants that are used in many immunity-boosting products.

Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Zinc are also key ingredients. They can all help to strengthen your immune system and natural defenses against illness.

Spray is certified vegan, gluten-free, and NSF-certified. This certification ensures that the spray contains all ingredients as listed on the Supplemental Facts Label.

TheraBreath Immunity Supplement Spray is safe for both young and old. It can be carried in a purse or backpack for occasional use throughout the day.

The spray can be used with any other products in TheraBreath’s product line which includes toothpaste, lozenges and mouthwash. This helps promote oral health, combat dry and chronic bad breath, and prevents the need for more frequent visits to the dentist. All products are covered by a money-back warranty.

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