It is important to get away from the office in order to recharge your batteries. You may find the energy you need to recharge your batteries by getting away from the office and enjoying the tranquility of nature.

Studies show that just spending time outdoors can help reduce stress levels and provide relief from depression and obesity. No matter what the cause of stress may be, you can find relief by exploring the beautiful locations around the world.

Rocky Mountaineer Vacations offers year-round rail vacations to Canada’s most beautiful regions. There are also four routes through British Columbia, Alberta. The journey offers guests a comfortable, relaxing experience with the chance to see wildlife such as deer and elk as well as natural wonders like rushing rivers which aren’t accessible by foot or car. The company will be welcoming its 1,000,000th guest aboard this spring to enjoy what is widely considered a unique experience. “The Most Spectacular Train Trip in the World.”

This milestone is being celebrated by guests who book at least five nights of vacation packages. They will be eligible for up to $800 in additional value, which makes this trip a great option for those looking for a stress-free vacation. A further 10 lucky winners will be selected to win the Canadian Rockies trip back in its entirety.

“Welcoming our 1 millionth guest is a spectacular milestone for us,”James Terry, Executive vice president and COO at Rocky Mountaineer Vacations. “It means our company’s efforts to provide a unique, quality travel experience are being recognized and enjoyed by people from around the world.”

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