Many people feel anxious before a first date, or when they have to present a project to their boss. But some people are so anxious that it takes control of their lives.

Social anxiety disorder (also known as socialphobia) is a condition that causes people to try to avoid their family and friends. Although they want to be close with others, they are unable or unwilling to make friends in social situations. The Anxiety Disorders Association of America, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the diagnosis and treatment of anxiety disorders, reports that 15 million Americans suffer from symptoms such as a persistent, intense fear of being judged negatively by others.

Particularly problematic is social anxiety disorder. Patients fear routine social interactions with authority figures such as doctors. Patients with severe social anxiety may decide to cut all ties and contact with others.

“Social anxiety disorder can have a profound effect on social interactions that most people take for granted,”Jerilyn Ros, M.A. LICSW, President of ADAA, CEO. “In extreme cases, the disorder can disrupt social lives to the point that people may have few or no relationships at all, making them feel powerless and alone.”

There are many treatments available for social anxiety disorder. Talk therapy and medication were helpful for Ricky Williams, a professional football player. It prevented him from interacting with his little girl. Self-treatment can help other patients. However, people suffering from social anxiety disorder should have access to resources to help them overcome their condition. Americans with social anxiety disorder need to be supported.

The new website was created by the ADAA for social anxiety disorder. The interactive Web site allows users to send an ecard, complete a self-test and find treatment providers. They can also download a brochure.

Social anxiety disorder is most common in adolescents. You may experience blushing, profuse sweating and trembling.

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* Increasing employees’ health care insurance copayments.

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