Pregnant women complain of aching feet, and it’s a valid complaint. Soreness can be caused by weight gain, foot swelling, and foot instability during pregnancy. Women are also more active now than ever before giving birth, which places greater strain on their feet.

“In the last five years, I’ve seen an increase in pregnant women with foot pain because more women than ever before are active, even running marathons, during their pregnancies,”Marybeth Crane (DPM, FACFAS), a Dallas-area foot & ankle surgeon.

But the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons says that women don’t have to suffer sore feet while pregnant. It can be treated. The following guidelines are provided by ACFAS to help you manage foot problems during pregnancy.

* Painful, Swollen Feet. Pregnant mothers often feel throbbing, swelling feet from excess fluid (or edema) in the feet. This can be caused by the baby’s weight or position. Keep your feet elevated as much as possible, keep your legs straight, wear wide and comfortable shoes, and don’t cross them when you sit.

* Arch Pain. Arch pain can be caused by fatigue or a condition called “arch fatigue”Or “over pronation,”In which the arch flattens. When the ligament that supports the arch of your foot is under extreme stress, it’s called over pronation. Stretch daily, before and after exercise to prevent arch pain. Wear supportive, low-heeled shoes that support your arches.

* Foot Cramps. Cramping is often caused by pregnancy’s increase in blood volume and progesterone. You can improve circulation by elevating your feet and rotating your ankles. Try walking around the block if cramps persist. Stretch your calf muscles daily.

* Ingrown Toenails. Shoes that are too tight can cause ingrown toenails. To avoid ingrown toenails, wear wider shoes during the last trimester. Ingrown toenails can be treated by a foot and ankle specialist. You can make it worse by trying to fix the problem yourself.

Even after your baby is born, you might still need new shoes. “A permanent growth in a woman’s foot, up to half a size, can occur from the release of the same hormone, relaxin, that allows the pelvis to open to deliver the baby.”Dr. Crane. “It makes the ligaments in your feet more flexible, causing feet to spread wider and longer.”

To discuss your treatment options, see a foot surgeon if foot pain persists. You can find more information about foot- and ankle problems at

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