As the spread of COVID-19 (the novel Coronavirus) continues to reshape American lives daily, sometimes by the hour. The health and stability the nation’s most essential workers, such as our first responders and health professionals, is paramount.

Workers who have been exposed to the deadly virus may be asked to leave their jobs until they are tested. This will prevent them from being exposed to it and could endanger patients.

This is where organizations like xymbio step up to the plate. Xymbio, a company that tests for infectious diseases, offered to use its high-speed program to run tests on first responders and health care workers to ensure their safety and get them back to their jobs as quickly as possible.

The Las Vegas-based company employs ThermoFisher technology and operates under Emergency Use Authorizations (EUA) issued by Federal Drug Administration. This guidance also includes the highest diagnostic standards.

xymbio will process COVID-19 testing for hospitals and health systems. The company can also provide on-site and home testing for employees who suspect they have been infected. Individual physicians can also request testing kits or testing for their patients online through the xymbio website.

The company has been waiting for a response by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and National Institute of Health and National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases for the funding it needs to purchase test kits and scale up its testing capabilities.

“xymbio has developed state of the art qPCR technology using ThermoFisher reagents to detect coronavirus protein n,s,e antigens. Their test is highly specific, accurate and scalable. They are now only limited by government funding to expand capacity from 500 tests per day to thousands of tests per day. Time is of the essence. They have the fix. They need the support to expand their operations now!”Dr. Larry Emdur, Chief Medicine Officer of Alvarado Hospital.

“We are in a war against a dangerous virus, and with federal assistance we are prepared to ramp up our testing capacity over the next 35 days to 20,000 tests a day, or 120,000 tests a week, with immediate plans to expand operations to Las Vegas and Atlanta, which would more than quadruple our testing capacity,”According to Dr. Heath Wills CEO and Chief Medical Officers at xymbio.

“We are ready to undertake the rapid action on behalf of many more citizens, and await prompt action on our proposal to the NIH, HHS, CDC, FEMA or the White House Task Force on Coronavirus testing during this national crisis,” Wills emphasizes.

xymbio is also involved in the Swab for Life campaign by the Give Life Foundation. This non-profit organization is dedicated to raising awareness about blood donation.

“We chose to partner with xymbio because of its extremely accurate COVID-19 testing capabilities that we believe will accelerate help to Americans during this national healthcare crisis,”Bart S. Fisher, Chairman of the Foundation.

Visit xymbio for more information and to learn about their efforts to collaborate with hospitals and individual health care providers.

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