The National Center for Summer Learning states “Most students lose about two months of grade-level equivalency in mathematical computation skills over summer months.”Even the best students sometimes forget what lessons they’ve learned over the course of the school year.

Sylvan Learning, a leading provider of tutoring services for students of all grades and ages, has some great tips for making summer learning enjoyable.

* Writing. Encourage your child’s writing skills. Ask your child to keep track of where you went and what you did while you were on vacation. Talk with your child about the day’s activities and then help them to fill out the journal. It improves writing skills and creates family memories.

* Math. Math. There are many opportunities to improve and sharpen your math skills every day. Grocery shopping requires you to weigh fruits and vegetables, compare prices and make change. Cooking teaches you how to organize, plan and follow a recipe. Children can help choose recipes, make a shopping list, and then prepare a meal for the family.

* Reading. You cannot start too early. You can’t read enough. Reading to young children fosters an interest and passion for language, words, communication, and helps them develop their vocabulary. Reading with older children together can be a lot of fun and exciting. Library staff can help you choose books that suit your child’s interests and reading level. Many libraries also offer clubs and programs for children.

* Research. Through the Web site www.BookAdventure.comThe app allows children in grades K-8 to create personalized book lists with more than 7,500 books, complete comprehension quizzes, earn points, and win small prizes. This program is intended to encourage students to read longer, more frequently, and with greater understanding.

* Summer Programs. Enrichment activities for children are available even when school isn’t in session. Sylvan Learning has engaging programs that keep children interested in learning throughout the summer, and well into the school year. Visit www.SylvanLearning.comFor more information, please visit:

Summer is a wonderful time to bring families together and have fun using interactive activities.

Sylvan Learning offers a complimentary service “Summer Fun & Learning Guide for Parents”Fun, grade-specific activities to encourage reading

Writing and math skills. Visit the “Parent Resources”The area of www.SylvanLearning.comDownload a copy

Call 1-800-31-SUCCESS to learn more about academic options for children in grades Pre-K through 12.

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