Life today is fast. With the rise of digital technology, people can talk on the phone and check their children’s soccer scores while simultaneously sending work emails. The Internet age has given consumers the ability to expect the same conveniences from all businesses and services, except their insurance companies. Although 98 percent of health insurance claims are processed within 30 days, for many people who struggle to pay their medical bills, that can seem like a long time.

With nearly two-thirds American households making less money than 2002, simply being insured is not sufficient. It’s important to know how quickly and easily your insurance carrier processes and pays claims. This is crucial for both financial and physical recovery.

A recent survey found that 66% of workers wouldn’t be able adjust to the high financial costs associated with serious injuries or illnesses. Only 49% have more than $1,000 to cover out-of-pocket expenses. In addition, rising health care costs are forcing employers to implement cost-saving measures which are placing even greater financial pressure on employees.

* Increasing employees’ health care insurance copayments.

* Increasing employees’ share of premium.

* Implementing high-deductible health plans with health savings accounts.

Many people may have to wait up to a month before they receive their insurance payments. With better technology and a better understanding of the needs of consumers today, many insurance companies work hard to offer customers fast service. This is an example AflacPolicies that provide policies with claims processing, approval and payment in one day are almost unheard-of in the insurance industry.

A fast payment policy is no longer a luxury in the past. It’s a necessity today. It’s more important than ever to have funds available quickly for serious illnesses or injuries. Make sure that your insurance company is able to move at your speed.

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