There’s an easy method to discover if you have hearing loss. You can now take control of your phone from the comfort of your home with a scientifically-validated test. It’s also free for one month.

Limited-time screenings are being offered by MDHearingAidIn partnership with National Hearing Test

The telephone test uses speech and background sound, rather than the traditional hearing exam offered by doctors offices.

“There’s a very high correlation between how you hear speech in a noisy room and your level of hearing loss as measured with pure tones in an office setting,”Dr. Charles Watson was the principal investigator for National Hearing Test. He spoke to National Public Radio in an interview.

Watson states that getting your hearing tested is the first step to determining if you are a candidate.

“It’s a test intended to be very, very convenient,”Watson shared his thoughts with NPR

It works this way: You log in to a website to get a code. Next, call the listed number and enter the code. Watson suggests that you take the test in a quiet place and the system will inform you of what to expect. The system will ask callers to listen one at a time to three-digit numbers, with background noise. The test will get more difficult and harder to understand. These results are easily accessible. Audiologists recommend that anyone with a hearing loss of less than or equal to normal seek an evaluation.

Researchers say hearing loss, unlike vision problems, can go undiagnosed for many years. This is mainly because the people affected are not aware of it.

Watson said that his hope is for people to get the help they require.

Nearly 40,000 people have taken the National Hearing Test to screen for hearing loss. Nearly 40,000 people have used the National Hearing Test to screen for hearing loss. 81 percent of them had severe hearing loss in at most one ear.

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