Ginger ale is the most advanced beverage in the world. Ginger ale has been used to mix many liquors, as well as a tonic for the stomach and as a standalone refreshment. It has seen many variations over time, but this libation is still very popular.

Today, America’s first soft drinks are undergoing a major transformation. “Spiked,”These hard ginger ales, which are infused with alcohol and made from hard ginger, are increasingly making their way to shelves. Brooklyn, New York-based craft beer company, Coney Island Brewing Co.These craft beer lovers are becoming more aware of the desire to return to the roots. They are starting to make nostalgic beers with quality ingredients.

Ginger ale dates back nearly three centuries in Ireland. Its original form can be described as a homemade cocktail consisting of sugar water, ginger root and water. It was barrel-aged to a golden beverage that had a sweet, bubbly texture, and a ginger punch by the middle of 1800s. The ginger ale had already crossed the Atlantic and reached the United States. However, it continued to evolve, gaining new life under Prohibition. Ginger ale was a great mixer for mixing with strong, illegal liquors during this time. Ginger ale’s popularity remained strong even after Prohibition. Thanks to John McLaughlin (Canada Dry brewer) this ginger ale became a staple in grocery stores.

“We launched our Hard Root Beer this summer and the response was unprecedented,”Chris Adams, Coney Island Brewing Company’s brewery operations manager, said: “We knew we would appeal to the tastes of craft beer drinkers if, like with Hard Root Beer, we created hard craft sodas that are both delicious and nostalgic, and we are excited to be doing that once more with our recent Hard Ginger Ale and Hard Orange Cream Ale.”

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