According to the American Psychological Association (APA), holiday stress is most common in 42 percent of Americans who struggle to find perfect gifts. Don’t let shopping anxiety ruin your holiday season. These picks will please everyone.

1. Playaway (for someone who doesn’t have enough time) is the best is the first and only pre-loaded audiobook player -; allowing listeners to press play and go. This audiobook player is perfect for busy book lovers. It doesn’t need any CDs to load or downloads. $30

2. Wrapping paper and keys are lost? Loc8tor can help you locate your toys, keys or pets.www.loc8tor.comThe most advanced tracking device of its type, the. Loc8tor’s directional capabilities and on-screen visuals help you find lost items and give you peace of mind. Loc8tor Plus’ Alert and Panic feature, which warns pets or children if they go beyond predetermined limits (up to 600 feet), costs $99

3. Gadget gurus are able to show off new toys in an environment that is completely scratch-free! The invisibleSHIELD is ultra-thinwww.invisibleshield.comProtects gadgets with military grade technology. It offers unmatched protection, without hiding the sleek design. We checked it twice and it doesn’t crack. $10

4. Enjoy the holiday sounds with the noise-isolating Super.fi3 Studio Ultimate Ears’ range of rockstar-grade headphones was created from hands-on experience working with music legends such as Madonna and Van Halen. It is perfect for fans and new bands. $99

5. i.Sound RoadTalk will ensure that your loved ones drive safely.www.isound.netIt is a hands-free Bluetooth wireless carkit that can be used without a headset. The device plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter, and instantly transmits your conversations to the car stereo. You can also listen on-the-go to your iPods and MP3 players. $94

6. With dreamGEAR’s plug and play ShredMaster JR, kids will rock like The controller, which is shaped like a guitar, plugs directly into any TV. It also features the ability to play chart-topping music made famous by Bon Jovi. $34

7. The guests are gone but the messes remain. Shark Steam Mop (Eco-friendly)www.sharksteammop.comThe party host can start the New Year with a clean slate. They can use chemical-pad mops to quickly dry and remove any residue. It transforms ordinary tap water into an effective cleaner that leaves floors clean and safe for pets and children. You will not need to use chemicals or disposable pads. $79