It’s hard to find time for cooking when you have a busy morning. Many Americans don’t even make their own coffee at home. People who refuse to skip breakfast are more likely to go to a drive-thru line and get donuts or triple-shot mochas. This is a way for them not only to crash but also because they have a craving for sugary foods before noon.

Doctors certainly support breakfast. Research shows that breakfast-eating people are more likely to lose weight, consume more nutrients, and focus better than those who eat only breakfast. It doesn’t mean you have to eat unhealthy breakfast. There are many healthy options available at the supermarket. You just have to know how to look. Here are some quick breakfast tips to help you choose the best.

Look for the produce section, not the bakery section. Although a bran muffin may sound healthy, most muffins sold in the market contain sugar, fat, and white flour. You might prefer a cupcake. You might consider eating a piece of high fiber fruit like an apple or pear if you are on the go. You will get enough protein to last you until lunch by eating a few nuts along with it.

You can make your own parfaits. Premade parfaits may look amazing with yogurt, fruit-filled layers and granola. But some granolas or fruit-syrups have little nutrition and a lot of calories. You can make your own yogurt, or use healthier soy yogurt, and keep fresh or frozen berries in your office fridge. Combine the two and you will have a delicious, healthy breakfast.

Be smart about choosing cereals. Sugary cereals are bad for your body, so avoid them. Whole-grain cereals can be healthier than white rice, oats and barley. They contain fiber, quick energy, protein and carbohydrates to keep you full until lunch.

Unprocessed whole grain cereals are best, such as oatmeal. For a healthier, ready-to eat, alternative, go to your grocery store’s refrigerated area. Kozy Shack (www.kozyshack.comA revolutionary new cereal has been introduced by ), “Ready Grains,”-; A natural, no-preservatives mixture of steel-cut oats and brown rice, as well as rolled oats. It is made with low-fat dairy and real fruits. Kozy Shack Ready Grains have 7g of fiber per serving. They can be consumed hot or cold.