Entrepreneurs are increasingly turning to home-based business models because of the growing popularity of health and fitness services.

Fitbomb, a patent-pending exercise tool, might be the right fit for you.

This “fitness sauna”Allows individuals to offer a whole gym’s worth in-house services.

David Shurtleff is a veteran with disabilities who created FitBomb to help people improve their athletic performance, increase their health, and reduce the effects of ageing.

“It’s like having your own fitness center without the overhead,”Mr. Shurtleff.

“The FitBomb has everything you need to start a business, providing live video instruction for … martial arts, dance, barre, [and] hot yoga,”He said.

Additional benefits include a healthy detox and a heated massage.

Infrared heat is used to heat the muscles and combine sauna and fitness. This allows users to perform resistance exercises at high intensity with less risk of injury.

“Like most gym owners, you don’t even have to be a personal trainer yourself,””Mr. Shurleff.” “Just turn on the Wi-Fi and your choice of training videos instantly appears,”He explains.

Cheryl Murray, a mother of two and a fitness instructor, set up her own studio in her basement to demonstrate the power of exercise to increase your income. She is now making $15,000 per month from a combination of deep fascia massage and fitness training through FitBomb.

Other entrepreneurs have also made the studio mobile.

Canadians created a FitBomb in a truck and promoted it with this slogan “FitBomb: Explosive Health & Fitness delivered to your door.”They share the profits with a small number of personal trainers.

Its appeal lies in its simplicity and customization.

Patented features include attachments that are strategically placed “D” rings inside fitness sauna. These bands can be attached to exercise bands. “D”Rings can be used to do a variety of exercises. You can also use the pull-up bars and stretch bars in the studio. There are also options for speed bags and punching bags.

The FitBomb can be purchased in two sizes: a Studio (7 x 9 feet) and a Single (6 ft, 5 inches x 50 inches).

Additional special features include touch screen controls that activate Wi-Fi video on each TV. It is wheelchair-accessible and has a Power Access System Card that activates power to the FitBomb at a pre-determined time. This allows for easier tracking of user activity.

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