Holiday season can be a stressful time for many families. There are always so many things to do. It can be difficult to find the time to clean your home amid all the decorating, cooking and shopping. But family and friends will soon be there, so a clean house is a must.

Merry Maids experts have your holiday season covered. Here are some tips to help you bring joy into the season.

It all comes down to first impressions. Prioritize cleaning the first things your guests notice. Clear out clutter like shoes, coats, and toys for children from the entranceway. Visual appeal can be enhanced by removing cobwebs from the windows, light fixtures and corners. A paintbrush is useful for reaching hard-to-reach places. A final sweep of the porch is required.

Follow the crowd. Spend as much time cleaning the rooms that guests use the most. The living room should be cleaned of all sags and creases. You can remove dust from artworks and picture frames using a microfiber towel. A damp sponge, or the bottom of a clean shoe, is a great way to remove pet hair.

Spray the countertops, mirrors, and bath fixtures in the bathroom with cleaning solution. Let it sit for a while before you scrub the toilet and tub. Clean up trash and hang clean linens. Finally, freshen the room with seasonal potpourri.

Clear the sink in the kitchen of any dishes that have been accumulated. Use mild soap and water to clean tile floors, countertops, and appliances.

The mood is important. Adjust the lighting if you don’t have the time to dust or polish. Candlelight creates a relaxing, warm atmosphere by casting flattering shadows.

You can create a warm and inviting aroma. For a welcoming holiday scent, add one tablespoon of vanilla to a quart water and two cinnamon sticks to a pot boiling water.

Maximize your time. It is possible to save time moving from room-to-room by having the right tools like a cleaning apron, or caddy. It is also important to have a plan. To avoid re-cleaning, start from the top when cleaning a room.

Give yourself a gift. Hire Merry Maids, a professional house cleaning service to clean up your home for the holidays. This will allow you to spend more time with your loved ones.

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