The protection of the environment in every day life – also known as “going green”It’s a topic that is on everyone’s mind these days, regardless of whether they are building a house or not. Two of the most important factors to consider when building a log home are your wallet and the impact on the environment.

People don’t realize how many types of wood are available when researching which type of wood is best for their projects. “green”Cedar offers many benefits. Cedar is sustainable in its growth and harvest. This is unlike plantation-harvested pine which requires large amounts of fuel, fertilizers, insecticides, and other resources to get timber ready for harvest. The wood’s inherent resistance to rot, insects, and other environmental toxins makes it ideal for use in making cedar.

Also, Cedar requires less fuel to be milled. Katahdin Cedar Log Homes, based in Maine, harvests its logs form nearby forests and then air-dry them to a desired low-moisture level of 12 to 14%. Katahdin also discovered other possibilities. “green”There are many ways to reduce fuel consumption during the milling process. One example is a biomass boiler. This uses waste sawdust as heat to heat the mills, and reduces fuel consumption by nearly 90%.

Cedar will also help you save on fuel. Cedar is much more thermally efficient than pine, and has higher insulation R-factors. Katahdin offers an option insulation package that is free of charge. It maintains the look and feel of cedar log wall interiors, but allows for more efficient interior wiring.

Log home construction will save you time and labor. This will make the environment more beautiful, as well as help to put some green in your pocket. Call 800-845-4533 for more information or visit