Holidays bring back memories of friends and family gathering around delicious home-cooked meals. These meals can take hours or even days to prepare. Save your sanity this holiday season and make your mouthwatering turkey, chicken, or goose in no more than a few minutes.

Brining is a method of cooking that involves soaking meat in a water/salt mixture. This creates a moister and more flavorful turkey than roasting, grilling, smoking or frying. Because of the ingredients and time required to make brine, it has been difficult or expensive in the past. It is a mixture of salt and spices that is combined with sugars and herbs.

The Spice Hunter’s products have made it easy to elope, be cost-efficient, and save your new Turkey Brine, an artful blend of sea salt, orange peel, cranberries, brown sugar and apples with spices and herbs that enhance poultry’s delicate flavor profile.

How does brining work? The salt in the brine mixture reacts with the poultry’s protein to increase its water-holding ability. So the bird won’t become the dry, unattractive meat your family hides behind. A brined turkey retains twice the moisture of a roasted bird. Brining is also time-saving because it doesn’t require you to basten, allowing you to spend your precious time on other dishes or decorating.

Pre-packaged brine mixtures usually include detailed instructions about the quantity of mixture required based on the size and weight of the bird. In most cases, boiling water is all that is required. The brine mixture should be allowed to sit for at least one night before the bird can take it out. Although brining bags can be purchased, you can save money by using a bag of garbage or a cooler. You can prepare the bird by rinsing off the brine and baking, roasting, or barbecuing it.

Brining is a favorite of celebrity chefs Alton and Martha Stewart. Every home chef can become the star chef at their holiday feast by brining a perfectly seasoned, moist turkey.