There is excitement in the film industry as it undergoes a major overhaul. The DVD industry has been transformed by video-on-demand (VOD). As a result, major studios have shifted to high-budget films. “Avatar”And “Transformers”These are the best ways to draw people. These are the best ways to attract people. “tent pole”Smaller studios have new doors opened by films.

Andy Hendrickson is an animation executive who noted that tent pole movies depend on the audience’s fascination for action-packed spectacles and not skilled storytelling. What does this mean for smaller budget pictures?

“The industry is saturated with franchises like “Harry Potter” or “Twilight” TV spin-offs like “Sex and the City” not to mention sequels and remakes,”Peter Hoffman, CEO at Seven Arts Pictures, explains. “However, this shift creates opportunities for smaller independent film studios, like Seven Arts.”

Digital technology has brought about massive changes in many industries. Digital streaming is enabling more people to enjoy movies at their homes.

Big studios view tent pole movies as a strategic way to generate billions of dollars. However, the box-office demand for smaller-budget quality films that are focused on character development and plot development is strong.

“The potential success of small-budget pictures is demonstrated by films like “The King’s speech” “Black Swan” and “The Kids Are All Right” says Hoffman. “Independent studios like Seven Arts have the sole responsibility of producing plot-driven films that aim for merit, in addition to box office numbers.”

Tent pole films are the latest trend in Hollywood. And now, smaller film studios are seeing greater commercial success as a result.

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