Chills are what we long for.

We get a rush seeing Jason give his axe to an unsuspecting teenager. “Friday the 13th”We don’t know why Carrie’s entire high school class is incinerated, and we can’t look away.

Although it is fascinating, the real question here is: Why do we pay for the thrill of being scared?

This is where there are many schools.

Some people believe so. fans of horrorSome people believe they don’t feel fear but get excited from watching movies or reading books. Other think that people are willing and able to suffer terror because there is no real danger, that they are safe. Some others believe moviegoers may be willing to experience fear in order to feel euphoric relief at their end.

Movie studios such as Seven Arts Pictures in Los Angeles, an independent movie production company, have no choice but to release horror films. “Night of the Demons.”Three friends attend a party in a mansion where six people vanished years ago and the owner hanged herself.

“We think that people have a morbid fascination with the dark side,”Peter Hoffman, Seven Arts CEO. “So even though a horror movie might be illogical on an intellectual level, people still like to be uncomfortable on an emotional level. It’s about people facing their fears,”He concluded.

It makes sense, and it explains why many of you have tried to put your hand down the garbage disposal. Or why we might not want to get our leg out of bed at night, la Stephen King.

This is also the reason we keep scary haunted houses busy at halloween, why we tell ghost tales around the campfire, and why horror movies are screened like free popcorn.

It’s because it’s what we love.

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