Many people seek diamonds to be able to surprise their loved ones, commemorate anniversaries, or for engagement rings. It doesn’t matter what occasion it might be, choosing a diamond is a difficult decision.

Americans aren’t gem experts so they trust jewelers to explain the intricacies of cut color, clarity, and carat weight. AGS Laboratories was established to grade diamonds for the untrained eye. AGS Laboratories provides the only objective, repeatable, scientifically peer reviewed cut grade method in diamond industry. AGS Labs-graded diamonds give consumers peace of mind that they are getting the best quality.

Customers are satisfied

AGS Laboratories has launched, a new website that provides impartial information on diamonds. It offers diamond-buying tips and a glossary, as well as podcasts, videos, and podcasts. Individual diamond-grading reports are also available.

“ is the ultimate resource for consumers who are considering a diamond purchase,”Frank Dallahan, President and CEO of AGS Laboratories. “The information is impartial, comprehensive and provides insider tips to the world of diamond buying.”

Here are some things you should remember when searching for your diamond.

Ensure that a diamond comes with a report on diamond-grading. A third-party professional laboratory can verify the diamond’s quality characteristics to give buyers real assurance and peace of mind.

Size does not necessarily mean everything. The most important determinant of a diamond’s beauty and cost is its cut. This is not the case with its weight or size. Ask a certified jeweler to explain how diamonds are cut. Take a look at different cut grades of diamonds to get an idea of the best-cut diamond for you.

– Set a budget. Find a jeweler and give him or her an accurate estimate of your budget. The jeweler will show you the different diamonds that are within your budget. You should see the diamonds under different lighting conditions.

Never buy an uninspected diamond. Photos can’t do justice to the beauty of a diamond. Be aware of “deals.”A jeweler will not sell a diamond for a loss. Discounts often indicate that the original price was exaggerated.