Only you can stop wildfires. It’s almost impossible to stop wildfires once they start.

Wildfires can often be found in the U.S. Wildfires are a natural part of ecosystems that have been adapted to fire. Fires promote new growth and some plant species can only reproduce after they occur. However, forest fires are not only necessary but also unwelcome around humans. So what’s the best way to stop wildfires from spreading? FireSafe, a new system, might be the answer.

Wildfires can be devastating for families as people move into areas that are more fire-prone. According to the National Interagency Fire Center wildfires ate more than 9.3 million acres in 2007. Wildfire damage does not end with heat and flames. Wildfires can cause erosion that can lead to landslides. Global warming occurs when carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere by trees burning.

The health of ecosystems is maintained by small, controlled fires. They are destroyed by large-scale fires. Wildfires can be caused by firefighters only if they are contained. However, not all firefighting methods are equally efficient. It is possible to evaporate water faster than it hinders large fires. Also, fires can leap trenches.

The potential for new technologies to help control forest fires is possible. Power of the Dream Ventures, one company (www.powerofthedream.comFireSafe is a liquid firefighting solution developed by, a leading Hungarian technology developer.

FireSafe can be used to help firefighters if a wildfire breaks out. FireSafe crystallizes if exposed to heat. FireSafe’s outer shell prevents fires from spreading. FireSafe fireproofs objects at temperatures of up to 2,012 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature is sufficient to stop wildfires.

FireSafe offers more than safety. It will begin to biodegrade within four months, making FireSafe an eco-friendly option. America’s need to conserve water rises during the hot summer months of drought. This is when fires are most likely to erupt. FireSafe could reduce both water consumption and fire damage.

The state and federal governments should be urged to allow interested homeowners to push for this potentially life-saving, earth-saving technology. Visit for more information Power of the Dream trades on the OTCBB Exchange under the symbol PWRV