Small businesses and entrepreneurs who work from home were once at a disadvantage in technology. The abundance of productivity tools online and the ease with which they can be used has changed everything. resources for small businessesAll that has changed is the internet. It doesn’t matter if you are small or not. You can manage your business anywhere in the world, with just a smartphone or tablet.

Smartphones can be considered to be office computers. You can stay connected no matter where you are, 33,000ft up in the sky, or stuck in traffic jams. Not surprisingly, a Small Business Technology Poll taken by AT&T reports a steady increase in the use of tablets, 4G devices and mobile apps for business purposes. For the 85 percent of small business owners who use smartphones, the next step is to make the most of the numerous tools available online.

These three resources are affordable and can be found online to assist small businesses and one-person teams working remotely.

1. Virtual phone system. The system is available to all companies and allows them to use a virtual phone system that’s business-grade. It can also be used by home-based businesses to build the same professional image as their larger counterparts. It includes toll-free numbers and voice mailboxes, Internet fax, voice mails, and many other features.

2. Payroll software. A full-time accountant may not be practical depending on how big your business is. Also, outsourcing can be expensive. Payroll software can be customized for any payment method and comes with a money back guarantee. This software is extremely user-friendly and secure.

3. Software for email marketing. Social media marketing is all the rage right now, but according to, email marketing software remains more effective. Email marketing software can track who opens, reads, forwards, and modifies your emails to make them more relevant, increase referrals, and deliver faster results.

Last but not least, a word of advice that may prove to be the most important: Simply type in your browser and save it. This website offers a wide range of online productivity tools including virtual phones, payroll software, and email marketing software. The best thing? You can try different software and services free of charge before you buy.

These tools are available online for free, so small businesses can compete with large corporations and have big budgets.