Who would’ve thought that shining a spotlight on America’s toughest and most challenging blue-collar jobs would result in wildly popular television shows? Yet, here come documentary-meets-reality TV shows like “Ice Road Truckers,” “Axe Men,” “Deadliest Catch,”Spike’s newest project, “Coal.”

The West Virginia miners who work in the Westchester area are known for their dedication and hard work. Cobalt Coal mine.

In fact, “tough”Might not be strong enough. Spike’s new TV show has this tagline: “danger runs deep,”The pilot episode demonstrated just how deep. A half-ton slate slab was too heavy for some workers, but one worker narrowly avoided being crushed. Another miner fled in an ambulance.

“It’s a tough business, and you’ve got to have tough men,”Mike Crowder, chief executive officer of Cobalt Coal Corporation.

Crowder, and the Cobalt mining teams had no idea that their mine would end up being the perfect location. “memorialize and make heroes out of blue-collar workers,”Thom Beers is the executive producer.

“It’s not a faceless big corporation,”Beers has some words of wisdom about Cobalt Westchester’s mine. “all they’re trying to do is bring that coal out and survive another day and get paid and put food on the tables for families.”

Cobalt’s mine employs just 40 people. But, the company has an expansion plan in the works which will give them access the new coal reserves. Cobalt offered a revenue-based, TIGRcub security through Entrex: A Capital Market System for Entrepreneurial Businesses (Entrex) to help pay the bill and increase investor interest in the publicly traded company.www.entrex.net

Stephen H. Watkins is Entrex CEO “Entrex was formed to support entrepreneurial companies who are looking for, and deserve, capital for their businesses.

The global public capital markets struggle to support thinly traded companies resulting in unfavorable valuations and difficult liquidity options for investors. TIGRcub Securities provide a monthly cash-flowing risk-adjusted return for investors eliminating a lot of the downfalls of equity-based investing.”

“We believe the TIGRcub offered by Cobalt supports its growth plans while providing competitive returns to investors,”He said.

Find out more “Coal”The series is available at www.cobaltcoalcorp.com.