The world is experiencing a rapid change in daily life as a result of the Coronavirus (Covid-19), which has been affecting many people around the globe.

Fast forward to today and businesses are forced from the safety zone of face–to-face communication. They now heavily rely on online platforms. Particularly businesses are having trouble figuring out digital communication methods that will allow them to survive.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and government officials insist on this. “social distancing and mandatory nonessential business closures,”Millions of Americans will rely on technology like chat boxes and live video conferencing to communicate with each other. How can businesses survive with so many players?

Higher Images is a full-service digital marketing agency that has been in operation for 20 years. It’s located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They help businesses and individuals reimagine their lives and work-life through the use of web-based technology as well as mobile devices.

Bryan Thornberg is the President and CEO at Higher Images. “Rather than going into crisis mode, businesses should take this as an opportunity to expand their knowledge and reach. With many more people relying on digital communication, this is an ideal opportunity for businesses to break boundaries and try new techniques when connecting with clients.”

Thornberg, along with his team, want people to not only survive but to thrive during this crisis. They want them to leave the situation with a business and a better model.

Thornberg is already able to make an impact on his clients’ lives by thinking outside of the box and recommending technology like Facetime and live feeds.

A hot tub distributor, which relies on sales from their retail location, took Thornberg’s recommendation and now offers live video conferencing to customers for live demonstrations and purchase.

Higher Images urges businesses also to make use of their websites to drive business. They suggest that they add a chat-box function on their website to facilitate customer communication. This will allow organizations to respond to customers in real time from any location, whether it is a mobile phone or an office computer.

This is a great time to use search engine marketing, Google Ads, and mobile in app advertising technology like Webtracker. It geo-fences homes to increase brand visibility. Higher Images is a digital marketing company that will help businesses strategize.

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