Under the Magnolias“Under the Magnolias”
T.I. Lowe

T.I. Lowe’s gritty, but tender and uplifting tale reminds that a great story can break your hearts. . . Then, you can heal it the best way possible.

Austin Foster is just a teenager, when her mama gives birth to twins. Austin takes over the responsibility of holding her six siblings and trying to keep her daddy away from his own darkness.

The family’s tobacco farm is hard work. Just as it looks like she might have more to offer — with the son from a wealthy family she has been unable to support for years — her father makes an unexpected choice that will expose the family’s secrets, and force her into a public reckoning. Buy at https://amzn.to/30eay45.


A Road Trip to Remember“A Road Trip to Remember”
By Judith Keim

Grandmother and granddaughter take a memorable and fun road trip together. They discover new possibilities and fall in love with each other.

Aggie and Blythe, her granddaughter, drive to Florida with their college friends. They stop to visit Donovan Bailey, who she thought she would marry. Aggie’s son is missing from Florida, and Blythe’s hard-working stepmother can’t help but be concerned.

All is well until Aggie, while dancing with Donovan, falls. Blythe’s dad is severely injured in an auto accident. Logan Pierce, Donovan’s young assistant, and Blythe do their best to help them at work. They also fight their mutual attraction. Fun novel by a prolific author. Buy at https://amzn.to/3kBE4dB.


Danielle Gomes

Would you risk your life to save millions?

Scientists discover the fatal consequences of a gene in humans. “the evolution gene,”They quickly realized that the human race was on the verge of extinction.

This team travels to the Amazon to save humanity as pandemic after pandemic strikes the world. The modern world is in danger of total collapse. However, there is hope for salvation in a forgotten age. Buy at https://amzn.to/3goseTY.


Adam Names the Insects“Adam Names the Insects”
Janice Dixon

Great read for young and old alike. “Adam Names the Insects”With a little help of Eve, this is a playful telling of an older story. The author guides the reader on a childlike journey through the Garden of Eden, where Adam examines various insects and pronounces their names. He uses his sense of smell to identify the stink bug, and his sense of sound to identify the Bzzz. Readers love the clever back and forth between Adam & Eve.

The book is described as “a clever, refreshing, glimpse into the lives of two delightfully dissimilar individuals tasked with naming the insects.”Enjoy the ride. Shop at http://bit.ly/3kd9OFK.

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