• Beat the Bloating Blues
    Most women find it frustrating to get on the scale each morning. They have eaten well and worked out for hours, but the scale still moves in the same place with very little fluctuation. Experts say that while age, genes, and metabolism all play a role in women losing weight, there may be more. Bloating, […]
  • KISS Star Surprise Visits Sponsored Children in Africa
    Gene Simmons is a rock legend with a large heart. It was more than 140x larger. KISS member and star in his own reality TV series “Gene Simmons Family Jewels,”– emphasized his relationship with ChildFund InternationalBy inviting viewers to watch his journey to Zambia to meet 12 his 140 sponsored children. Gene believed he was […]
  • Hip-Hop: A passing fad or a way of life?
    Since hip-hop began as a basement jam and Bronx block party, it has experienced fame and infamy in the late 1970s through the early ’90s. It has also fallen from grace in recent years and all points in between. Rap isn’t dead, however. You need only look at artists like DMXThe Beastie Boys and Jay-Z […]
  • Country Music Duo Thompson Square Is Totally Reformed by Journey To Honduras
    Thompson Square, an award-winning duo, is becoming one of country music’s most sought after acts and ChildFund International’s most prominent advocates to children. Keifer and Shawna Thomson teamed up with each other one year ago ChildFund’s LIVE!Channel is an initiative that encourages artists to help raise awareness about how sponsorship can benefit children living in […]
  • Girl Power: Female rappers storm the rap game
    Business is booming in the rap industry. The MCs who are making waves in the hip hop scene are not as you might imagine. Female rappersThese are taking the game up a notch, the most notable being Nicki Minaj’s protege Lil’ Wayne. But she’s far from the only one. While Minaj might be the top […]
  • Vinyl Digitizing is Music to the Ears
    Although digital downloads and compact discs have quickly replaced the music industry, there’s still a place for the old-fashioned vinyl record. Many record shops across the country report still strong sales of music in vinyl format. This is a good thing. There’s no analog equivalent for many people who grew-up listening to music in record […]
  • Katy Perry Supports Teachers and Students
    – Sponsored News — Did you know that teachers spent hundreds of dollars each year buying school supplies for their students, averaging over $100? Staples and Katy Perry have teamed up and donated $1 million to classrooms to encourage people to give their donations.     See full-sized image here.   Auto Amazon Links: […]
  • Dead Sara Enlivens Rock with Debut Album
    It’s as satisfying to discover a new favorite band as it is to eat Tarantino films or find the perfect pair of pants that make you stand out from everyone else. Only one band will be able to release their first album with 2012’s new CD releases. This is a bold statement. Los Angeles’ female-fronted […]
  • The Dogged DMX is Dedicated to Music, Not Troubles
    The Dog is back! While his new album (and highly anticipated) is yet to drop, DMXBy releasing a preview of the future, he is offering his fans a taste. “The Weigh In,” — a free EP online download. In 1998, the rapper was the first to hit the hip hop scene. He released two new, […]
  • Music Futures
    A staggering number of people dream about a career as a musician. Just look at the sheer number of people who sign up to the “American Idol”Every year, there are tryouts to discover the excitement and enthusiasm of the public for the music industry. Music is part of American culture. How often do we stop […]
  • The Sound of Music makes the Halls Live!
    Students should purchase the No. Parents and teachers may want to consider adding another item to their back-to school lists, such as musical instruments. Many studies have shown that music education is beneficial for children in both the classroom and outside of it. Columbia University’s Columbia University study found that students who are involved in […]
  • High School Students Move Beyond Musicals
    The movie “High School Musical 3: Senior Year”Its $42 million ticket sales in three days made it the most talked about event. Young musicians don’t have to be all about Broadway-style choreography or gee-whiz innocence. Some musicians are not even qualified to take the SATs. The history of music shows that even young musicians can […]
  • Place Your Head in The Digital Music Cloud
    People often find themselves in a dilemma when it comes to digital music storage. Many people end up stuck in this situation. “i-opoly”This is the monopoly-style Apple iTunes hold on digital music — in the digital-media realm. Even worse, users discover that their digital music usage is limited to certain devices depending on their operating […]
  • Female-Led Bands Lead Rock ‘N Roll Renaissance
    Despite their talent, certain bands fail to get the recognition they deserve. However, others are quick to grab jetpacks and explode onto the scene. Rock band Dead SaraThis is the case for me. A gritty, female-fronted garage group that established their own record label in order to keep their original, unforgiving sound. One of the […]
  • Crowdfunding opens the door to music innovation
    ()DigiTrax Entertainment, Inc., an innovator in the music tech industry, is offering investors an opportunity to participate in the future. The DigiTrax technology, also known as The Music Builder, uses artificial intelligence and machine-learning to assist musicians in creating new music and to analyze music to prevent copyright infringements. The company has seven patents granted […]
  • Festivals help unsigned talents find crowds
    Buzz – word-of mouth excitement, anticipation, praise -; can be elusive even for the most talented artists. Internet-based technology makes it possible to put songs online “out there”It’s easier than you might think, but it is essential for artists who want to share their work. “out there.”There are many Web pages, blogs and photos that […]
  • Battle of the Bands Contest Goes National
    Irvine, Calif.’s regional festival of music announced the battle of the bands “Be The Band”Contest, which accepts submissions from emerging bands across the country. The OC Music Fest’s ten stages will host the announcement of the winner band. It will take place in May 2009. You will receive a Dodge Sprinter Cargo Van and 1,000 […]
  • Music Innovation Company Gets a Spot in Global Competition
    ()DigiTrax Entertainment is a pioneering music technology company using artificial intelligence in the music industry. DigiTrax Entertainment was selected as semi-finalist in Atlanta’s Association of Chinese Professionals and US China Innovation Alliance’s InnoSTARS competition. InnoSTARS Competition offers an opportunity for innovative US companies to meet potential partners and investors from China through the InnoSTARS Competition. […]
  • What happened to America’s Dream?
    It is widely believed that the middle classes is being squeezed. However, it may not be easy to determine if this sentiment is true. Analysts believe that this view has significantly impeded market growth in the United States for the past decade. Many potential investors in the investment world, especially those who have limited investment […]
  • New laws are needed to solve America’s immigration problem
    We have two options regarding undocumented immigrants in this country: to either try to enforce a law that is broken or to amend the law to meet the country’s needs going forward. According to the Department of Homeland Security, we have been informed that we do not have the resources necessary to deport the 13,000,000 […]
  • Tristar congratulates Trump and EXIM Bank for Creating Job Opportunities
    – A Virginia company that will create American manufacturing jobs and help develop energy in Ethiopia has praised President Trump’s support of the Export Import Bank of the United States as a job-creating export tool. “Thanks to President Trump for his support of the Export-Import Bank of the U.S. We are on track to create […]
  • WGU Washington declares that “No Parent Left Behind”
    It’s possible that parents are too busy sending their children back to school to have the time to think about going back to school. They should. Nearly half of a million Washingtonians, many of whom are parents, have not completed a degree. Yet, by 2018, at least two-thirds all jobs in Washington will require some […]
  • CPA candidates prepare to join growing industry
    Although many industries have had to shed jobs because of the shrinking economy, the once stable profession that is accounting is growing as regulator scrutiny increases and the baby boomers who are retiring from the field retire. Graduates with bachelor’s degrees are returning to school to further their careers and to secure top-level accounting positions. […]
  • WGU Texas Declares, “No Parent Left Behind”
    Parents are often too busy preparing their children for school every day to spare time for going to school. But they should. There are more than 3,000,000 Texas residents who have not completed college. Many of these people are parents. degreeYet, 63 percent of jobs will require some level of post-secondary education by 2018. A […]
  • The Points System is not the best way to resolve the U.S. Immigration Problem
    The points-based “merit”Congress is looking at a system to replace our current immigration system which is based on family unity. It would replace the current relationship-based system (where family members and employers sponsor people to come here), with one that is based on certain characteristics such as age, education, and English proficiency. If you have […]
  • The U.S. Needs a Playbook The U.S. can regain its innovative edge
    Can the man who invented the insulin pump, the iBOT wheelchair, and the insulin pump still be alive? “Luke Arm”Protheses can end the debate about America’s competitive advantage in science, technology engineering, and math (STEM). Inventor, not-for-profit FIRSTDean Kamen, founder of FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology), is a man who is […]
  • Buy Back America One Dollar at A Time
    Eric Solis was thirteen years old when he returned home to his mother, a small-business owner. Her husband was dead, her business was in decline – she could not feed her children or pay her debts. Solis decided to pursue a career as a financial analyst after that painful experience. He made the rich wealthier […]
  • America’s Toughest and Most Brightest Respond to an Enduring Call: America’s Fe is America’s Toughest, Brightest, and Brightest
    From major cities to small farms, young people are answering their nation’s call and challenging themselves to prove they have what it takes for a United States Marine. Recent increases in Marine Corps recruitment have led to an increase in “walk-in”Office traffic as well online inquiries for information about Marine Corps opportunities and an increased […]
  • U.S. Allied Health Professions Are in a Shortage
    The 2008 presidential election will be dominated by health care, which is a topic that has been rising in cost and the fact there are more than 40 million Americans without health insurance. The U.S. continues to grow in population, while the 65-plus age group is growing quickly. The demand for healthcare services is expected […]
  • Tax Relief for the Unemployed and those with a Lower Income as a result of 2009 Returns
    The good news is that millions of Americans lost their jobs or saw their wages reduced in 2009 have some hope. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of2009 includes a provision that allows up $2,400 of unemployment compensation to be exempted by federal taxes for 2009. In the event that both taxpayers received unemployment compensation […]
  • Florida is getting the message
    The state of Florida continues to ensure that schools have efficient communication with their communities during another busy school year. You can send information with just a click, whether you need to close a school or get help from a hurricane. Florida renewed its contract with IRIS (Immediate Respond Information System) last year after subscribing. […]
  • Why motorcycling could be the answer to lowering stress levels
    ()Motorcyclists might get more from riding their motorcycles than just a feeling of freedom. Researchers from UCLA’s Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior conducted a groundbreaking new study that found motorcycling can provide many mental and physical health benefits. For example, stress-related hormonal biomarkers dropped by 28 percent in participants. Just 20 minutes of […]
  • Are you dehydrated during your workout program?
    Research shows that Americans are often chronically dehydrated. It appears that Americans will drink almost anything except water. Amanda Carlson, a trainer, conducted a study on college football players who were preparing for the major NFL Scouting event. She found that 98 per cent of them were dehydrated when they arrived for the morning evaluation. […]
  • Braille and audio materials keep blind fans connected to teams
    Miriam Stone, Forest Hills, N.Y. has a passion for sports that spans almost every team in the Big Apple, including the Islanders, Liberty Jets, Mets, Mets, and Nets. The 60-yearold is still connected to her teams through the audiobooksand braille materials from the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped. Stone was born […]
  • For the Baseball Fan Who has Everything: Their own Stadium
    ()– Baseball has always been a great sport. “pause”You can still support the person you love no matter what season. “lives for love of the game.” The perfect gift for the fan of baseball who has it all – their own stadium. Fan can now bring home their favorite Major League Baseball stadiums with this […]
  • Concussions for athletes
    You can see how many professional athletes have been affected by concussions lately. Experts have already identified the problem, which is also affecting youth soccer from football to bicycling to soccer. “a national epidemic.” “Not only are most athletes susceptible to concussions from collisions, but in pro hockey alone there are more than 50,000 ‘hits’ […]
  • Fish Without the “Fishy”Taste
    Although most Americans are aware that fish is healthy and lean in health, they fail to eat it twice a week as recommended by the American Heart Association. The reason is simple: they don’t like fish. “fishy” tasting food. But, fish doesn’t necessarily have to taste good “fishy.”Science has demonstrated that most fish will adopt […]
  • How to plan the Perfect Buddy Golf Getaway
    Sponsored news – Golf-buddy trips are embracing customization. Resorts are stepping up to accommodate groups that want to add their own personal touch to outings. This annual trek still revolves around extraordinary golf. However, the golf buddy trip has begun to offer more than just tee time. It also includes personalized amenities, adventure-based activities and […]
  • Aerial skiers blur the lines between stuntman and athlete
    The 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver will be visible from the sky. You’ll see some of the most exciting and daring athletes. The aerial skiers blur the line between stuntman and athlete, combining acrobatics with skiing to create an amazing spectacle. These daredevils can speed 40 mph down steep hills and jump high. After soaring […]
  • Concussions among Athletes
    You can see how many professional athletes have been affected by concussions lately. Experts have already identified the problem, which is also affecting youth soccer from football to bicycling to soccer. “a national epidemic.” “Not only are most athletes susceptible to concussions from collisions, but in pro hockey alone there are more than 50,000 ‘hits’ […]
  • 2008 Olympics – A Time to Remember
    We all feel national pride as the 2008 Summer Olympics bring us all back to our roots. Now, we turn to past heroes. However, while Olympic athletes may achieve lasting glory – Michelle Kwan, Jesse Owens — history overlooks other winners. Think of Billy Mills. The 1964 Tokyo 10,000-meter race was viewed by the world […]
  • Tips to keep athletes safe on and off the field
    Bicycling and basketball are the most common recreational sports for injuries, with 1.5 million accidents each year. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, softball, baseball, and soccer each have almost half a million annual injuries. It doesn’t matter if you’re setting up your own practice or if you’re the parent of student athletes […]
  • Sir Isaac Newton, Baseball coach
    Baseball coaches and trainers agree that proper mechanics and form are key factors in ensuring a good performance and long-lasting careers. Even Little League pitchers are taught by coaches how to properly form and mechanics a pitch. Instructional methods can vary from coach-to-coach and team to team. Mike Marshall, a former Major League Baseball hurler, […]
  • Rudy Bares All in Autobiography: Sports icon Rudy
    Rudy, an undersized legend who fought to play Notre Dame football for Notre Dame football, is a story we all know. Rudy displays a level of determination you cannot help but admire. Rudy is an underdog. They never give up. The 1993 movie is now available. “Rudy”Tristar Productions is remembered as a classic Daniel “Rudy”Ruettiger’s […]
  • Smokeless Tobacco is still a part of baseball for those who love the game.
    As disappointing as the Cubs’ run in the World Series every year was, smokeless tobacco is a big part of baseball. Major League Baseball has asked its players not to repeat a bad habit that is as old as baseball itself. However, there is another history to consider — one that has tied the two […]
  • Fuel-Smart Fishing: A Guide for Anglers
    You don’t need to let high fuel prices stop you fishing. These are some ways to save fuel on the water. Find the Sweet Spot. Every boat has an a “sweet spot,”The speed at which the engine performs best. If your engine is equipped with a fuel-management system, you can use it to determine your […]
  • For Athletes and Arthritis Sufferers, a Pill-Free Alternative
    The use of painkillers for athletes with sports injuries or arthritis sufferers can cause ulcers, other gastrointestinal problems, liver and kidney damage, and even lead to the death of patients. These drugs are also known as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. NSAIDs, or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, are available both over-the-counter (or by prescription). Many professional athletes are […]
  • How to enjoy a live sport event in style
    Are you ready to play some football? America is getting ready for football season as the camps begin and America prepares for it. It’s a wonderful time to be an avid sports fan as the summer transitions into the fall season. With baseball starting the stretch run for playoffs, football is already in full swing. […]
  • Three Simple Steps to Football Helmet Safety
    ()The National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE), a national committee that oversees standards for athletic equipment, is encouraging parents, coaches, and athletes to refresh their knowledge on helmet protection and safe play. These are the three steps to follow: 1. Make sure you know what helmet to use A football helmet cannot […]
  • Stephen Curry shows what great basketball looks like
    What would you prefer? Analysts and fans focus on the trivial, soul-draining things, such as whether LeBron should participate in next year’s basketball dunk contest or great basketball games. Sports are supposed to be about what happened in Madison Square Garden, Feb. 27, for example. There is no better way to have fun than with […]
  • College Sports Get a New Playing Field
    This country is full of college sports. You can turn on the TV and see a number of stations. It’s possible to find a university on the football court or basketball court. In the United States, college sports are a huge business. They have the viewership to back it. College Sports Television, for example, is […]
  • How Olympic Gymnast Nastia Liliukin Keeps her Body in Balance
    U.S. Olympic gymnast Nastia LiukinHe was raised in a world with balance beams, dismounts, and many other things. “Both my parents were celebrated Olympic and world champion gymnasts in Russia,”Liukin: “They came to the U.S. and started coaching gymnastics when I was a baby. “They couldn’t pay a babysitter so I was there with them […]
  • Cracks, Cuts, and Comebacks: Adrian Peterson got his groove back
    Adrian PetersonA golden life filled with heartache, tragedy, loss, and heartache but full of success. His parents named him “All Day”Because he never stops. He’s also known as Purple Jesus by the hood because he’s No. The NFL’s No. 1 pigskin trader. He’s truly The Comeback Kid, if you take all of his life experiences […]
  • Olympic Venue City is Reborn After the Games
    The 2010 Olympic Winter Games were viewed by nearly 3 billion people. The long track speed skating competition was broadcast live to viewers who were able to see Richmond, British Columbia. This is the same city that hosted the event in the Richmond Olympic Oval. Visitors to the games know that Richmond has more to […]
  • How one baseball player’s life was changed by an outfield-wall collision
    “The wall won.” Greg Shepard, a retired minor-leaguer from Chicago White Sox, recalls the night 2000 when he crashed into the left field wall as he tried to catch a fly ball. Most people would do exactly what his wife implored him to — rush to an Emergency Room when he woke the next morning […]
  • Bring the Ballpark Home to Baseball Season
    ()Although the baseball season is not yet back to normal, it is moving closer and fans are optimistic. Opening Day, complete with fans, finally came after a year. Now, a beautiful desktop replica of your favorite stadium brings team spirit to your home, no matter if you are there in person. Many of the old […]
  • The right light can enhance your sports watching experience
    Football season is upon us, and the MLB playoffs are around the corner. It is now that you need to make sure your entertainment area is ready for guests and family. It doesn’t matter if your TV is in the family room or the media room; you need more than a large screen to enjoy […]
  • Erase Strokes From Your Golf Game — No Pencil Required
    “To shave strokes from your golf game, the only equipment you need is a good eraser.” While this expression is often used in a joking manner by many golfers it’s a fact that recreational golfers who have reached their plateau have had few options. “If recreational golfers insist on following the rules used by the […]
  • Adult Kickball: The Playground Games Grown Up
    Many adults have taken up kickball as a way to exercise and have fun. Although the basic idea remains the same, players kick a large red baseball and attempt to hit three bases. Adult Kickball adds fun to the game as well as socializing and raises money for local charities. In 1998, a group of […]
  • What Upgrades are Worth It?
    Is it finally the right time to sell your home? As house prices saw their biggest annual gain in five years, homeowners have been asking this question. “underwater”Even though interest rates are low, homeowners can still make payments on their mortgages. The catch is that buyers can become as picky about their mortgages as Michelin […]
  • What to look out for in a new home this season
    Sponsored News: Mortgage rates remain low and home prices are rising or stable in many communities. A September 2015 pollNeighborWorks America found that almost 90 percent of homeowners consider home ownership very important. These guidelines are from NeighborWorks America to ensure your success in home ownership. 1. Professional help is available. Meeting with a counselor […]
  • You can upgrade your summer road trip with a rental car
    ()American families have a tradition of taking an annual road trip. It doesn’t matter if you are visiting family, going to a new place, or returning to a favorite spot, getting behind the wheel of a car is second nature. A road trip upgraded with an RV could be the key to your next adventure. […]
  • Make a bad dog an obedient pet
    Are you a bad dog? Is your Jack Russel protective of all doors? Is it your Boxer puppy who won’t stop ripping socks and underwear? Some of the cutest dogs are the most obnoxious. You can’t help but notice their mischievous play at work, and it could lead to costly vet bills or home repairs. […]
  • Travel advisors smooth the way for Post-Pandemic getaways
    ()With increasing COVID-19 vaccines and declining cases, travel opportunities have reopened and eager travelers are booking post-pandemic vacations to connect with family and friends, celebrate a special occasion or just get away from the house. After years of making their travel arrangements online, many potential travellers are realizing the importance of hiring a professional to […]
  • Just a click away, track your estate
    Americans tend to keep their estate planning visible, such as in file cabinets, desk drawers and recycled shoeboxes. Estate paperwork, which includes files, wills and insurance policies, bank statements and investments, can add up. A daughter might not be able to understand the assets of her late father or who she should contact when she […]
  • Tips to Choose the Right Type of Mortgage
    Sometimes homebuying can be stressful and uncertain. There is much debate in today’s market about which type of mortgage you should get: an adjustable-rate or fixed mortgage. How do you know when it’s the right time to refinance an adjustable rate mortgage? These are the top tips from Market Street Mortgage, one national retail originator […]
  • Is there a problem in the market? The time is right to buy
    There are rising maintenance costs, falling home values and more foreclosures in the states than there are sales. However, these are terrible times for homeowners and make for great investment opportunities. Why? The market is subject to ups and downs. The upfront cost of buying when the market is high will be higher. Because the […]
  • Clean litter box to stop Feline Urinary Tract problems
    Cats are more likely to suffer from a problem with their urinary tract. This painful condition can be controlled by regular litter box cleaning. “Cleanliness is one key to avoiding cat urinary tract problems,” says veterinarian Melissa Brookshire. “Urinary tract obstructions, evidenced by straining without producing any urine, are emergency situations that require immediate veterinary […]
  • Spring Cleaning Made Easier to Take Care of Inanimate Allergens
    Spring cleaning is synonymous with spring, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you are doing it right. If you are concerned about allergens in your house, you might need to get rid of Fido’s furry dander and a dust bunny. This claim is supported by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, which states, “When it […]
  • Software to Save the Housing Market
    Anyone who has ever picked up a newspaper or turned on the news to see the state of the housing market knows it is dire. Many Americans find themselves unable pay their mortgages and debts due to rising fuel prices. The market is saturated, prices are falling and people experiencing economic hardship are not looking […]
  • Smart Homes are Moving to the Masses
    Smart homes, those homes that self-monitoring and are sensitive to the owners’ preferences, are not only for the super-rich. Americans may think of smart homes when they think about smart houses. They might picture smart homes that talk to their residents before making perfect cappuccinos or making breakfast. The smart home as personal chef is […]
  • With great investment potential, the senior housing market is growing
    The fastest growing segment of America’s population is the elderly. Senior citizens over 85 years old are expected to grow by more than 80% between now and 2030. People are increasingly concerned about senior housing, as well as Social Security. Some families have the ability to provide housing for older relatives. Others may be able […]
  • Selling your house: Which fixes are worth it to attract buyers?
    Okay, don’t panic. You may be one of the homeowners complaining about how difficult it has been to sell your home. — isn’t completely destroyed by the flood of foreclosures that are expected to hit the market due to the recent $25 billion “robo-signing”Mortgage settlement. Studies have shown that your property’s value can take a […]
  • Spot GoGreen
    Pet owners aren’t afraid to spend more on natural pet food. “green”Peace of mind is great, but does it make the environment cleaner? Dr. Andrew Weil, a world-renowned leader and pioneer of integrative medical, says it is the entire process from farm to bowl that determines the credibility and effect your pet food has on […]
  • Recreating the Housing Market of Yesterday
    A few years back, home sellers were overwhelmed with offers above the market. Many potential buyers flooded open houses, resulting in frenzied bidding battles. The housing market today is much less optimistic. The first quarter 2008 saw real estate prices drop 14.1 percent, the largest price drop in 20-years. The National Realtor’s Association reports that […]
  • The Homeowner Rights Act is being reformed
    You are likely to be happy living in one of the estimated 300,000. According to national surveys, most Americans who live in condominium or homeowner associations are satisfied with their living arrangements. However, not all boards of association directors act as responsibly as they should. If the association boards are not properly managed, homeowners can […]
  • How to Profit in a Down Real Estate Marketplace
    The market for home real estate continues to be in decline, but that doesn’t mean money can’t still be made. Analysts claim that the current low home sale rate has been caused by a weak labor force, rising mortgage rates, and higher energy costs. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), real estate sales […]
  • The Road and the Go: Tips to get away this summer
    ()Many Americans want to go on vacation and feel refreshed. A longer vacation can be more worthwhile because of how much effort is involved in planning it. Preparation is important, especially if you are going on a long-term trip. It’s a good idea for family members to review travel tips and tricks if this is […]
  • A New Selling Method Could Help Bring Hope to the Low Housing Market
    For all the Americans whose front yards were graced with a “for sale”Signs can be displayed for months. A new guide, “Sell-it-Yourself”, helps homeowners get offers and sell their homes within weeks. If you are having trouble selling your property in today’s slow-paced housing market, there is some good news. This is how it works. […]
  • Maximize your Rental Property Profits
    Manage your business rental propertyCan be a great source of income in today’s economy. According to the U.S. Census Report 2010, a third of all households rent their houses. In large metropolitan areas such as New York or Los Angeles, that number may rise up to two-thirds. There is a steady demand for rental properties, […]
  • Make Real Estate Investment a Snap
    History has proven that it is best to invest in a buyers market, not a sellers market. Even though housing sales in America continue to decline, foreclosures have reached an all-time high. This means that serious investors need to concentrate their energy on buying real property. The time is now to get into the real-estate […]
  • ¿Le Persigue el Mal Aliento de su Perro?
    Su mascota es un miembro querido de la familia. Usted le compra almohadas cómodas y juguetes ruidosos, comida de primera y viajes a la peluquería. Pero si eres como la mayoría de los dueños de mascotas está descuidando una parte importante de la atención médica de las mascotas – la boca. La enfermedad oral, que […]
  • How to Buy a House in a Beautiful Neighborhood
    ()After spending three years in Germany, Danielle & Jimmy returned to their home country and spent the next six month looking for their first home. “Location was so important to us. We got used to walking everywhere while we were in Germany. Grocery stores, restaurants, beer gardens and pubs were all within walking distance of […]
  • How do you define? “Natural”?
    We can be sure that neither dogs nor cats care about the environmental impact of their products. Pet owners are becoming more concerned about the environment and the pet industry is responding. A growing number of products are being promoted as eco-friendly alternatives for pet owners. You’ll find many bags and boxes with leafy labels […]
  • Honoring Moms – How 3 Inspiring Women Are Making a Difference in the World
    Mothers are the foundation of a family. They must balance being a mother, wife, daughter and sibling to all the important members of their lives. This is why, while Mother’s Day honors these women for all that they do, one company celebrates these amazing ladies for a whole month. Online retailer zulily has decided to […]
  • How to Sell Your Home: What Fixes are Worth It?
    Okay, don’t panic. If you are one of those homeowners who has been complaining about the difficulty in selling your house, you might be losing your bargaining power. — isn’t completely destroyed by the flood of foreclosures that are expected to hit the market due to the recent $25 billion “robo-signing”Mortgage settlement. Studies have shown […]
  • Save your heart: Have a Heart
    You can give unconditional love to your pet, so why not take care of it? From mosquito bites, heartworm can infect both cats and dogs. Heartworm is a common disease in cats and dogs, regardless of age or health. Protecting your pet is crucial regardless of where you live. Heartworm disease is a common condition […]
  • Green Living: A Plus for Our Planet
    How green is the world you live in? The inconvenient truth for some is that when it comes to “greening”Our home, our lifestyle and our pets are all important to us. We don’t know where to start. Here are some eco-friendly, easy-to implement tips. Try them all. Try them all. They may make the world […]
  • Green Building Helps Make Homes Affordable
    With the increasing demand for low income housing, public housing authorities have discovered that green building solutions can make homes more affordable and more livable. One of the largest public housing agencies in America, Seattle Housing Authority has discovered a way to reduce fuel consumption by 37 per cent at a 120 acre West Seattle […]
  • Green Builder: Boilers Lead the Way
    For condominium apartment owners, there is nothing more annoying than being forced to pay someone else’s energy use. This is especially true if you are away on vacation or on a long business trip. Westcorp Properties’ 1,200-unit Calgary condominium apartment development has made this easier for its buyers. Green builder Baxi Luna Wall-Hung Combination Heating […]
  • Good Nutrition for All Members of the Family, Even the Four-Legged.
    People consider their pets to be a family member these days. It is essential that they are treated the same as the rest of the family. Dog owners will want to give their dogs the same nutritional benefits as they do for themselves, since more than two-thirds eat foods rich in proactive nutrients every month. […]
  • Finding the Best Price for Your Home to Finance Your Retirement
    Are you unsure where to retire? Let’s say you have researched which states tax Social Security Income (only 14 in total, including Colorado, Connecticut and Kansas), You can even consult the numbers-crunchers to find out which states scored the highest in everything, from cost of living to accessibility to health care (South Dakota to […]
  • Log up for your dream home
    Many families dream of owning a log home. This has many benefits, including environmental benefits, and an appeal that is rustic and natural that can last. The following tips can help you realize your dream of owning a log home. * Define your lifestyle. Take stock of your future and present housing needs before you […]
  • Five Tips to Save Money for Pet Owners
    Money is a very important consideration for pet owners and their pets. However, expenses such as food, grooming and routine vet care can quickly add up, making it hard for budget-conscious pet owners to keep their furry friends on track. The American Pet Products Manufacturers Association estimates that the average annual cost to keep a […]
  • First-time home buyers: The Housing Market’s Key Players
    More than any other demographic, first-time homebuyers stand to gain the greatest benefits in today’s realty market. A recent survey by revealed that 23 percent plan to purchase a house in the next five year. And that more than half (53.5%) of them will be home-owners for the first time. You should consider that […]
  • Evaluation of your Debt
    ()– Sponsored Content. Debt is a major burden for most adults. CNBC reported that the average American had $38,000 of debt in 2018, excluding mortgages. Money worries can lead to many problems, including relationship strain, mental health issues, and depression. Credit cards, student loans and auto loans are some of the most popular debts. Mortgages, […]
  • Estate Planning: Many people, alas, fail to make critical decisions
    ()– How delicately can you put it? All of us will go at some point. What then? You might think that your estate will miraculously be reorganized and that the squabbling family members are just a TV show. You’re not leaving your estate. Ken Cella, a financial services executive at Edward Jones, says you’re leaving […]
  • Envíe a sus queridos nuevamente a la escuela con estilo y comodidad
    – Noticias patrocinadas – La temporada de preparar para el regreso a la escuela puede ser abrumador con un montón de mochilas, ropa, accesorios y útiles escolares para elegir y comprar. Además, tiene que tener en cuenta el gusto personal de cada alumno. Esta temporada de regreso a la escuela será fácil con unos looks […]
  • Are you thinking of buying a new home? Ask about its HVAC System
    Summer is a prime time to sell new and existing properties. Potential buyers sometimes forget to inquire about the heating/cooling (HVAC), system when buying a home. Heating and cooling costs account for almost half of home energy consumption. Before you make an offer, do your research. Here are some tips to help homeowners of existing […]
  • Building to create a healthier community
    The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development estimates that about 5.4 millions Americans live in worst case housing. Unassisted, very low-income renters are those who have less than 50% of the area median income and who either pay more than half their income for housing or reside in substandard housing. Low-income families often cannot […]